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HiFIRE fuseheads deliver high precision and reliability. They are used most widely in civil blasting technology, as well as in a number of safety-related devices, and applications in the film and fireworks industries.

HiFire Fuseheads

Stringent internal quality control

HiFIRE fuseheads are subject to extensive process monitoring during production, as well as comprehensive testing prior to subsequent processing and delivery.

Technology and applications

HiFIRE fuseheads consist of two tin-coated metal lamellas embedded in a polymer chamber. They are clamped and welded to ensure a firm mechanical connection and guarantee contact between the bridge wire and metal lamellas, under any conditions. The bridgewire is coated in a primary and secondary reactive high-energy pyrotechnic composition. Special coating systems tailored to each specific application provide protection against mechanical, chemical and thermal damage, as well as environmental factors. Depending on your requirements, the fusehead leg wires can be executed in different ways and connected via crimping, soldering or welding. The reactivity of pyrotechnics can range from extremely high to moderate based on the design and installation of a device and the intended effect.

HPP Fusehead series

HPP fuseheads series

The HPP series is ideal for ignition devices that require low dispersion in terms of delay time, pressure increase and maximum pressure. The gas pressure can be specified in a wide range, from 10 to 100 bar (in a 3.5 ccm pressure measurement unit). HPP fuseheads are the preferred solutions for igniting substances that are difficult to initiate, where a combination of hot gas and particle ignition is needed. The HPP series offers one of the most efficient ways to convert electrical energy into pyrotechnic energy. The hermetic plastic overmoulding comprises highly precise contours, offering excellent support for fully automated processing. The specially developed plastics ensure compliance with the 1A/1W/1Ohm requirement of MIL-DTL-23659.

Custom-made fuseheads

Thanks to the range of opportunities afforded by our pyrotechnic production, we can also offer you customised solutions including pyrotechnic substances free from heavy metals and halogen, or fuseheads for use in up to 260°C.

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