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We can support you with all your questions and queries around pyrotechnics and blasting, from predevelopment to custom-made products and process layout for mass production.

Series production of pyrotechnic components

We are an industry leader when it comes to developing innovative pyrotechnic solutions, and we have experience of working in accordance with various customer standards. We are also ISO 9001 certified. Our employees receive comprehensive, ongoing, specialist training.

Infrared analysis of the raw materials

Infrared analysis of raw materials

Thermal analysis of pyrotechnic products

Surface analysis via laser diffraction

Surface analysis via laser diffraction

Testing the mechanical properties of plastic products

Testing the mechanical properties of plastic products

Customized assembly of pyrotechnic components

Customised assembly of pyrotechnic components

Ballistic testing as part of the outgoing goods inspection

Ballistics testing as part of outgoing goods inspections

Research and development

We are always upgrading our R&D expertise and capacities in line with customer needs and market requirements, and are supported by a network of research partners within our group of companies, as well as external institutions. Our laboratory comprises wet-chemical and thermal-analysis equipment, laser diffraction equipment, environmental chambers, ESD testing devices, drop hammers, friction apparatus and more. As a result, we ensure compliance with REACH and CE guidelines, as well as the regulations of the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), from development onwards. We recognise the importance of R&D investments to our economic sustainability as a company and to building successful, long-term customer relationships.

Testing friction resistance at our in-house BAM testing centre

Kinetic evaluation at the experimental stage