ASTOTEC - astonishing technologies

We know the power of bespoke technologies. That’s why we focus on developing and supplying sophisticated igniters and effective pyrotechnics.

Taking safety one step further

ASTOTEC developments and solutions can help to save lives within milliseconds. Our knowledge and expertise give us the opportunity to make the present safer and shape the future.

ASTOTEC: premium quality for the highest demands

We are an innovative manufacturing company that specialises in high-precision pyrotechnic ignitions. With development and production expertise bundled under one roof, plus decades of experience that extends beyond our own value chain, we can offer you unique advantages. We operate state-of-the-art production facilities for stamping, soldering and welding, as well as for explosives processing, dipping and drying. The measurement and testing equipment in our in-house laboratory are at the cutting edge of technology, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of all processes and compliance with your specified quality requirements.

A responsibility to society

At ASTOTEC, corporate social responsibility is taken seriously: it means a true commitment to the company, people and the environment.

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