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Astotec Pyrotechnic Solutions has more than 100 years of experience in pyrotechnics.


Schaffler gets a new name to accompany the ASTOTEC rebranding and the new company slogan, FUTURE POWERED BY EXCELLENCE. Astotec Pyrotechnic Solutions is home to more than 100 years of pyrotechnic expertise.

2011 Electronic igniters

Development of fuseheads for electronicdetonators, and entry into a new segment: electronic igniter assembly.

2008 Modernisation

As part of Schaffler’s integration into ASTOTEC (formerly the Hirtenberger Group), the Winzendorf location is completely modernised, including the errection of new production and office buildings.

1995 Fuseheads for the automotive sector

Development and start of production of automotive fuseheads, which are used in pyrotechnic safety systems made by Astotec Automotive (formerly Hirtenberger Automotive Safety).

1917 Winzendorf

Founding of the Winzendorf site in Lower Austria, where products for high precision pyrotechnic ignition devices have been developed and manufactured ever since.

1911 Electric ignition fuses

A patent is filed for the electric ignition fuses; their underlying principle still holds true for the fuseheads produced by Astotec Pyrotechnic Solutions today.

1908 Blasting machines

Production of the Schaffler-brand dynamo-electric blasting machine begins. Today, this machine is the oldest preserved example of a blasting machine in an oak casing.

1902 Founding

Konrad Schaffler founds the company Schaffler in Vienna, Austria.