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Igniters of the highest quality

The huge range of electric igniters we offer supports diverse applications, including detonators for civil blasting, safety-related devices, and stage and film pyrotechnics, in particular.

HiFIRE igniter modern manufacturing equipment

Quality and precision

HiFIRE igniters are characterised by outstanding quality, high precision and excellent reliability. Our state-of-the-art production facilities are constantly being updated and upgraded. Each and every igniter undergoes rigorous testing before delivery. Leveraging our decades of experience in manufacturing electric igniters, we meet our customers’ requirements quickly and precisely. You can always count on our in-depth knowledge and expertise.


HiFIRE igniters are classified as 1.4S according to ADR and as UN No. 0131/0454. All our igniters are CE-certified (EC type examination certificate 0589.PYR.2495/10 to 0589.PYR.2505/10).


Made to customer requirements

Our electric igniters can be customised according to the type of fusehead (A, FA, F, P or special types), wire length, wire colour, wire material (copper, copper-plated, iron) and the delivery method (with shipping protection, plugs or sleeves) in line with our customers’ requirements.

Special applications HiFIRE igniter

Special applications

We offer a number of special products developed in close cooperation with our customers, inclunding double igniters for safety applications, gas generators or combinations of pyrotechnic and blasting components.

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